Our company deals as well with the renovation on the highest level. We cooperate with top-class craftsmen, who preserve the tradition and renovating process of the way the vehicles were made before.

Compared to other companies who also think of themselves as renovators, we do not make half-replicas. Every material is authentic, every component is repaired so that there are no doubts about the quality and authenticity of the particular vehicle. Our experts can tell precisely what was being changed, replaces and modified.

Only thanks to the 100% care and expertise, pieces, which would otherwise fell into oblivion or would go through the hands or "restaurators" who rather devalue the vehicle, are going back into the automobile life from our workshop. We document everything carefully, drawing on the archives of individual brands and we can map the history and the past of a particular car. Our job is done under a strict audit from experts and authorities in the field and is concluded by assesments from renowned independent companies. If you are interested in your car's renovation, let us make a non-binding order for you.

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For more information please contact us and make a personal appointment, where we will happily take you through our vehicle fleet and inform you about the current opportunities.